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This Kulah Khud helmet comes from the Middle East and has a sliding nose guard, two plume holders and a spike on top. It also has a mantle of mail all the way around the helmet. This helm has leather webbing and a chin strap.

The Army of the Mughal Empire was the force by which the Mughal emperors established their empire in the 15th century and expanded it to its greatest extent at the beginning of the 18th century. Although its origins, like the Mughals themselves, were in the cavalry-based armies of central Asia, its essential form and structure was established by the empire's third emperor, Akbar.

Height: 480mm (includes mail and spike)
Circumference: 680mm
Material: Steel - High Carbon
Gauge: 18
Weight: 1.5kg approx.

Combat Score: 7 of 10

Note: Feathers in picture are not included but are available separately.

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