Battle Helm Bascinet - 'hounskull'

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By the middle of the 14th century, most knights discarded the great helm altogether in favor of a fully visored bascinet. The visor was often conical, giving the appearance of a muzzle or a beak. They were sometimes called 'dog faced' (medievally known as a hounskull) or 'pig faced' (a common but strictly modern term).

The early versions sometimes had a neck defence of mail called a camail or aventail, while later versions (at the end of the 14th century) often protected the neck with a separate but attached plate assembly, the colletin. The aventail was attached to a leather band, which was in turn attached to the lower border of the bascinet by a series of staples called 'vervelles'. Holes in the leather band were passed over the vervelles, and a waxed cord was passed through the holes in the vervelles to secure it.

Made for those wanting a combat safe, heavy duty 'hounskull' bascinet helmet. This battle helm is designed for re-enactment combat.

This 'hounskull' bascinet helmet is featuring solid brass vervelles to attach a ventail. This helm has a adjustable quilted liner and adjustable leather chin strap. The face plate can be completely removed, there is also a locking pin to keep the face plate lifted up on the helmet. Can be easily modified by you to include a down position for the locking pin.

Key features

  • Historical design
  • Adjustable quilted liner
  • Liner is stitched around the edge
  • Chin strap and buckle - two points
  • Removable face plate
  • Locking pin to lock face plate position
  • Vervelles and leather straps for fitting aventail

Brow Circumference: 63cm
Neck Circumference: 61cm (tightest fit)
Helm Height: 27cm
Visor Height: 29cm
Gauge: 2mm
Weight: 3.5kg

Very solid bascinet. The visibility is really good, you can see out of the breather holes and lower mouth holes. Very comfortable to wear. Usually 14 gauge helmets are neckbreakers but the padding and liner is done well. Wear with an arming cap for a solid fit.

The visor has a locking hook which isn't in the photos. So the visor can be locked into place when lowered for combat. While the locking pin holds the visor in place when raised. Makes the helmet really comfortable to wear.

Some minor rust on the helmet skull but easy to clean up with brasso. Overall 10/10 hounskull! Most hounskulls are slightly misaligned or out of proportion but whoever made this helmet takes pride in their work. Perfectly aligned and symmetrical visor.
Battle Helm Bascinet - 'hounskull' review I was given this helmet as a gift, and I can say it is a very good product, it has very good holes in which to breath and has padding, which not many helmets I find come with. When I add my arming cap to it, it won't slide around on my head, unlike my Great Helm does. It comes with straps so it won't come off your head too, many of my other helmets I had to install straps myself. Another cool feature is that they botherd to install the pin that enables you to take off the visor from the bassinet which is a great feature to have. It also offers superb protection in reenactments, and is very sturdy

If your looking to buy a hounskull this is the helmet
Solid Oh yeah, solid, heavy, ready to go and a classic design. This is a fantastic Helm. Feels good to wear, safe and like it can handle anything. Better put this on your Christmas list.
Love this helmet I'm new to buying armour, but I'm really impressed with this beauty, a nice classic design with an authentic look and feel, sturdy construction and the locking pin for the visor is a nice addition. If for show of combat I'm sure you'd be happy. It's noteble that ventilation is only on one side of the visor.. I love this piece, no regrets here...
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