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Roman Imperial Helmets were the standard issue, mass produced helmet patterns used by the Roman Imperial legions during their active years. They had several types, from Gallic to Italic, each with their own sub-types depending on the time of production. They originated from a basic "skullcap" type helmet, the Coolus Helm, and then evolved to include cheek flaps, crest mounts, neck guards and decorative flourishes.

This helmet in particular is a Italic Type G, in 18 gauge carbon steel with brass highlights. It is based off of a find from a cave in Hebron, in the Judaean Mountains, dated to around 132-135 AD. The Type D, its predecessor, had similar bracing on the top of the helm, but they were mostly decorative and in brass. The bars on the Type G are thicker and made of iron, specifically designed to protect against head blows. This improvement is speculated to be a direct response to the Dacian falx, a deadly weapon encountered by the Romans in Trajan's Dacian Wars.

This helmet is a recreation of the Italic Type G, is made from 18 gauge carbon steel, featuring several brass decorations, including brass edges, rivets, and patterning. It also comes with a padded arming cap.

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Interior Ear to Ear: 21 cm
Interior Brow to Neck: 21 cm
Brow to Top of Helm: 13 cm

Cheek Flap Length: 17 cm
Neck Guard Length: 11 cm

Weight: 1.69 kg

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