Knights of Christ - Crusader Breastplate

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A Knights of Christ breastplate (includes backplate) with an etched cross insignia over the heart.

This breastplate is well suited to a Templar, Hospitaller, Knights of Malta and many other crusading Knights of Christ.

This breastplate will ideally fit someone with a 1105mm to 1125mm (~44 inch) chest but is suitable for modification of the strapping and slight reshaping to fit much smaller builds.
It is made of polished 1.2mm thick carbon steel and has sturdy leather straps and buckles.

Height (shoulder to waist): 435mm (17.1 inches)

Weight: 4.3kg

Great Gear Bought this a few weeks back, tried it in HMB combat yesterday. Full contact, intense fighting. It withstood combat excellently, taking heavy hits and suffering tiny dents.

Fits perfectly and offers great mobility.
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