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Sounding Horn

Sounding Horn SECOND

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PLEASE NOTE: This sounding horn may or may not produce a sound. It comes with a fitted mouth piece which creates the sound but the plastic /metal reed may be broken. The plastic blower is easily removed leaving you with a great costume piece or a horn with which to practise the art of really blowing a horn.

Our sounding horns / blowing horns are approx. 25-30cm long.

The blowing or winding horn is usually an animal horn - usually a bovine - with a hole cut in the pointed end. Many horns were used as sounding cries by ancient societies.

A blowing horn can be used for battle calls over long distances as the shape creates a natural amplification for sound. Like modern trumpets the sound is made from the pressure and rapid vibration of lips.

Clean, polished and ready to use. Horn will differ slightly from image.