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Saxon Migration Rubber Sword 2nd

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This sword has been reduced as there are some marks and indentations on the blade.

Our range of foam rubber weapons are made of soft and durable polyurethane rubber. They contain a fibre glass rod for strength and rigidity. This rod ends before the tip of the sword. These have been designed for LARP or anyone who wants to play at sword fighting without the risk of serious injury.

This weapon includes celtic weave inscribed on the hilt, with a tri-lobed pommel. These are simple hallmarks of the Saxon/Viking cultures

Length Overall: 106cm
Length Blade: 84cm
Weight: 450 grams

During the Viking age , the swords grew slightly in length to 37" (930 mm) and took on a slightly more acute distal taper and point. These blades had deep fullers running their length, yet still had single handed hilts which often sported a 'brazil nut' shaped pommel . While the pattern of hilt and blade design of this time might readily be called 'The Viking sword' to do so would be to neglect the wide spread popularity it enjoyed. All over continental Europe between 700-1150 AD this design and its small variations could be found.