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Drinking Horns Set K

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Bargain priced set of 5 drinking horns.
Plenty of room for mead or beer - a horn fit for any King or Viking!

Clean & polished- but not waxed!

All of the Northern European nations formerly drank out of horns, which were commonly those of the urus or European buffalo.

Horns pictured are exactly what you will receive.

PLEASE NOTE: These horns have been classified as seconds and are sold as is.
Prices for individual horns on Fight Club would be over $150

In most cases there is simply a bit of flaking or delamination of the horn, there may be a small crack, the horn may be misshapen or there may be a discolouration. The horn may leak but in many instances it can be fixed by waxing the inside of the horn with beeswax.
See our video for tips on how to wax coat a horn.

Wooden horn stands,leather horn holders & beeswax are also available on this site.