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Leaf Spear (280mm)

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Spear head designed for re-enactors and hand forged from one piece. This small lightweight spear will need to be rounded to comply with most re-enactment combat standards. This spear is a great choice for combat of single handed spear and shield.

Weighs: 205grams
Length overall: 280mm
Length head: 170mm
Width: 45mm

The socket of the shaft is tapered and will fit any size pole wider than 28mm.
Please note the spears are real and although they are blunt they are NOT toys.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order this spear, you will also receive a downloadable document detailing how to mount a spear head onto a pole. This information is to make it easy to prepare your spear for combat (see here for more details). Proving once again that we have the real knowledge to assist our customers.