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The signature blade of the Landsknecht, the Katzbalger was a staple renaissance arming sword, distinguished by its remarkable s-shaped guard. The name Katzbalger is thought to be derived from the two words Katz and Balgen meaning Cat and brawl, which is perhaps an allusion to fervid and close-quarter skirmishes, like those of cat-fights, in which this short blade is most effective.

Majoritively a cutting weapon, the Katzbalger has a full length tang, a wide and untapered blade with three slim fullers, and a slightly rounded tip. Its short wooden grip and trapezoidal pommel are protected by its distinctive s-shaped guard, which enables an excellent defense against other cutting attacks.

A stiff wooden sheath wrapped in leather makes up the Katzbalger's scabbard, which is also adorned with a unique steel capped chape, perhaps reflecting the grandness and vivacity of the wielder.

Deepeeka claim that this sword is battle-ready, but it is yet to be fully tested by Medieval Fight Club. We recommend further rounding of the blade tip before use in re-enactment.


Total Length of Sword: 870 mm
Blade Length: 720 mm
Blade Width: 45 mm
Grip Length (including pommel): 133 mm
Guard Area: 115 mm x 135 mm
Edge: 2 mm
Total Length in Scabbard: 950 mm

Weight of Blade: 1.40 kg
Weight of Scabbard: 0.65 kg

Blade Material: Steel - High Carbon
Handle Material: Wood
Furniture Material: Steel cross-guard and pommel
Scabbard: Stiff leather with steel chape

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In stock & ready to send
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I purchased this sword intending with the intention to take it apart and fix issues, however upon receiving it I was pleasantly surprised how well made it is, secured on with a thread that is peened at the end, the tang comfortably wide underneath and the scabbard holds it secure and true.
Seriously good value for money given there is no limit to how much you can spend on a sword.