Fencing Epee - Practice

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Sturdy carry bag for swords, epees, foils, sabres and most single handed blade weapons....
Sturdy carry bag for swords, epees, foils, sabres and most single handed blade weapons....
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Épée — a heavy thrusting weapon, with a valid target area of the entire body, head to toe. Like the foil, all hits must be scored with the tip, and not the sides of the blade. Unlike either sabre or foil, epee allows simultaneous hits to be scored by both fencers at the same time. There is no "right of way" in épée.

#5 Adult size
Blade: 900mm (35.5 inches)
Overall: 1115mm (43 inches)
Blade width at hilt: 16mm
Weight: 440 grams

Combat Rating: 9 out of 10 (when used correctly)

The épée evolved from civilian weapons such as the smallsword in the late 17th century and became the true dueling sword of the 18th and early 19th centuries. The épée developed when authorities in the 19th century decided that they did not like the killing aspect of the duel, and changed it to a "first blood" sport. This required much more skill, as a nick on the wrist or other exposed area could end the duel. But this does not mean that no duelist using the épée died. Naturally, it would be the goal of each duelist to kill his opponent, and not to simply give a minor flesh wound. Since the épée was so common in dueling, craftsmen decided to tweak the weapon itself. Because a wound to the hand or wrist could end a bout, smiths created épées with larger guards to protect the wrist and hand. Today, épée fencing very much resembles 19th century dueling. An épée fencer must hit the target with the tip of the weapon.

Epee may differ slightly from image. It may have a rubber tip.

I took the blade and made a smallsword.

Overall pretty happy and great value for the cash
Epee Fair quality for a great price.
Blue grip and pad on mine, besides that it's exactly like in the picture.
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