Crusader Arming Sword and Scabbard

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The Crusader Arming Sword features a solid unsharpened carbon steel blade with a deep central fuller. The grip is wood wrapped in brown leather and flanked with a solid steel guard and pommel. The pommel is emblazoned with an enameled red cross and has been peened not threaded to the tang. Includes a basic brown leather scabbard with steel fixings.

Deepeeka claim it is battle ready but Fight Club are yet to test it.


Total Length: 952mm
Blade Length: 775mm
Profile Taper: 45mm - 40mm (tapers off increasingly 70mm before the tip)
Edge Thickness: 2mm
Guard Width: 165mm
Grip: 111mm
Weight: 1435g
Scabbard Length: 814mm
Scabbard Weight: 413g