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Rapiers, the physical epitome of the saying "stick 'em with the pointy end". Hard to do much else with one, really.

Culturally a symbol of status and the upper-class, rapiers are most well known for their use in gentlemanly duels over honour, love or some other such frippery. A deliverer of swift thrusts and whipping cuts, a rapier excels against opponents with little protection, subsequently becoming the main weapon of civilians and nobility, but as it lacks the substance to pierce most armours, it saw almost no action in pitched battles, even as a side arm. Most other styles of swords would fare better in almost every case.

But the rapier saw use as a symbol of wealth and power, and also as a useful form of protection whilst traveling. It wouldn't lop people's arms off, but in the right hands it would slice and poke holes faster than most other weapons of the time.

This rapier features a "swept hilt", a popular style of rapier hilt from Italy. The swirls and bars make a sort of basket, great for protecting the hand against an opponent's blade during a clash.


Blade length: 920mm
Blade width: 25mm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Overall length: 1220mm
Scabbard length: 1020mm
Basket length: 220mm
Basket width: 270mm
Basket depth: 160mm

Weight 1.94kg

Combat Rating = 6 of 10

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