Scottish Brass Basket-hilt Broadsword

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This Sword is a replica of a 17th century basket-hilted Claymore sword.The brass basket is adorned with heart-shaped cut-outs and expertly executed groovings.The blade has double fuller running along the center. It comes with a scabbard covered with black leather and brass fixings.

The Scottish Baskethilt broadsword was a common weapon among the Scottish clansmen during the time of the Jacobite rebellions of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It was commonly known as "claidheamh beag" or claybeg meaning "small sword" in Scottish Gaelic.

In close quarters, the claybeg was the ideal weapon of choice when fighting British soldiers usually armed with long, unwieldy, muskets with plug bayonets. When paired with a shield, such as the "targe", or light buckler; a Highlander was provided with a staunch defence.

Tactics such as the "Highland Charge" were developed during this time, which required Jacobite war bands to close with their targets as quickly as possible, normally under heavy fire, using the cannon and musket smoke to cover the last leg of the assault before charging the line.

After the disastrous Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden and the overall failure of the rebellions, it became illegal to carry claybeg and targes, so many Highlanders hid thier weapons in surrounding heaths.

Deepeeka claim it is battle ready but Fight Club are yet to test it.

Total Length: 1031mm
Blade Length: 878mm
Distal Taper: 4.2mm - 3.5mm
Edge Thickness: 0.8mm - 1.5mm (would need grinding for reenactment combat)
Grip: 113mm
Knuckle Space: approx. 50mm
Basket Dimentions: 170mm x 128mm x 139mm
Weight: 1350g
Scabbard Length: 982mm
Scabbard Weight: 542g