Legionary Fulham Gladius

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This style of Gladius appeared around the middle of the 1st century. Based on the Fulham style gladius, it gets its named from a sword that was dredged from the Thames near Fulham, England. It dates to sometime after the invasion and occupation of Briton by Aulus Plautius in 43 AD.
The Romans used the Fulham Gladius until the end of the 1st century. It is considered the conjunction point between Mainz and Pompeii blade typologies. The blade is slightly narrower than the Mainz variety.

This beautiful reproduction features; an individually hand carved wooden pommel and guard, real bone handle, brass scabbard fittings and top nut and an un-tempered high carbon blade.


Total Length: 737mm
Blade Length: 540mm
Edge Thickness: +/- 2mm
Guard Width: 90mm
Grip: 92mm
Weight: 886g
Scabbard Length: 613mm
Scabbard Weight: 592g