Norman English dagger

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The shape of this dagger and specifically the “brazil nut" pommel are of Norman style.

The Normans are famed both for their culture, such as their unique Romanesque architecture, and their musical traditions, as well as for their military accomplishments and innovations. Norman adventurers established a kingdom in Sicily and southern Italy by conquest, and a Norman expedition on behalf of their duke, William the Conqueror, led to the Norman Conquest of England. Norman influence spread from these new centres to the Crusader States in the Near East, to Scotland and Wales in Great Britain, and to Ireland.

Size Overall: 410mm
Size Blade: 255mm
Blade width: 35mm
Blade edge: 3mm
Weight: 500 grams approx.

Please NOTE - This dagger has a rounded tip and is combat safe.

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

Excellent! This is the perfect short sword for a HEMA practitioner, the balance is excellent and feels at home in ones hand. The blade and guard are sturdy with the pommel being able to dish out some punishment up close. This also makes an excellent starter blade for the younger enthusiast in your life, I actually bought this for my son to practice form with something heavier then a waster to teach him better balance, something it has achieved admirably. It is quite a safe blade but still demands respect from the user, I'm considering getting one for myself now.
Brilliant Another brilliant 10/10 product from MFC!
Great for the reenactor This dagger is fantastic quality, bought as an accompaniment to a longsword, its build quality is top notch and the balance feels perfect in your hand. Brilliant for display. The thick blade makes it als operfect for reenactment.
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