Claymore Scottish Dagger

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This dagger is a small version of the two handed Claymore and no doubt would have been used by a Scotsman on the battlefield.

The term claymore an anglicization of the Gaelic claidheamh mòr "great sword", first attested in 1772 (as Cly-more) with the gloss "great two-handed sword". The sense "basket-hilted broadsword" is contemporaneous, attested in 1773 as "The broad-sword now used [...] called the Glaymore, (i.e. the great sword)."

Distinguished with a pommel shaped like the Scottish thistle.

The two-handed claymore was a large sword used in the late Medieval and early modern periods. It was used in the constant clan warfare and border fights with the English from circa 1400 to 1700. The last known battle in which it is considered to have been used in a significant number was the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. It was somewhat smaller than other two-handed swords of the era. The two-handed claymore seems to be an offshoot of Early Scottish medieval swords which had developed a distinctive style of a cross-hilt with downsloping arms that ended in spatulate swellings. The spatulate swellings were frequently made in a quatrefoil design as seen here.

Length overall: 440mm

Length blade: 274mm

Guard width: 155mm

Weight: 360 grams

Combat Rating: 3 out of 10

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