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Aluminium/Aluminum pistol grip for fencing.

Available in yellow powder coat ONLY.

Length: 140mm
Weight: approx 82g

This is for the person who wants to upgrade the grip on their foil/épée.

The Pistol grip (otherwise known as the anatomical or orthopedic grip) was originally developed for a nineteenth-century Italian aristocrat, L.Visconti, master of fencing, who lived in Belgium and had lost fingers in a tram accident. It contours entirely to one's hand and is held much like a pistol, hence the name. This grip became popular among sports fencers in the late twentieth century because of the way it complemented the agility and athleticism of competitors—albeit, as critics allege, at the cost of blade sensitivity finesse. There are several types of pistol grips, such as the basic Visconti (which is what most people refer to as a pistol grip), the American, and the Russian, all providing a somewhat firmer hold for the user of the weapon. The subtle variations in the pistol grip correspond loosely to different fencing styles.

In high-level fencing, pistol grips are universally preferred in foil, and are used by a large percentage of épée fencers because they allow stronger blade movements. A substantial number of épéeists at all levels use French grips while posting (holding the grip near the pommel instead of the guard) because of the longer reach. Posting is almost unheard of in foil, as it decreases one's ability to parry successfully, and thus increases an opponent's chance of a successful hit or remise.

More reading about fencing grips here.

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