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Black Gambeson / Jupon

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Padded black gambeson for use under armour or on its own. Sleeves have been shaped to minimise tugging at shoulders and belt when swinging the arm. All buttons are material and heavy stitched to be extra durable. See additional pictures for more details.

Stylised from the Jupon of Charles VI, late 14th century, and the 15th century's Fiore dei Liberi's - Fior di Battaglia. Featuring Zuparello buttons that can squash flat under armour.

A jupon (or fighting cotte) is a fourteenth to fifteenth-century tight-fitting padded garment worn over armor, often displaying family colours or a coat-of-arms.

Sleeve length: 57cm (22.5'')
Shoulder to thigh length: 81cm (32'')
Chest: 110cm (43.25'')
Weight: 1.35kg

Sleeve length: 58.8cm (23'')
Shoulder to thigh length: 82cm (32.25'')
Chest: 114cm (45'')
Weight: 1.45kg

Sleeve length: 59.8cm (24'')
Shoulder to thigh length: 84cm (33'')
Chest: 116cm (46'')
Weight: 1.55kg

Sleeve length: 61cm (22.5'')
Shoulder to thigh length: 86.5cm (34'')
Chest: 122cm (48'')
Weight: 1.65kg

Sleeve length: 63cm (24.5'')
Shoulder to thigh length: 87.5cm (34.5'')
Chest: 125cm (49'')
Weight: 1.70kg

Combat readiness score : 10 of 10

Don't be misguided by claims that heavier gambesons are better. Sure, more padding can equal more protection but more weight doesn't equal more padding. It can simply mean it is larger or longer or more cumbersome. An ideal combat gambeson is a balance between softening a blow and your movement. A gambeson that is overweight can impede your skill and prowess on the battlefield. When in doubt trust only MFC products or contact us for the full story. Our gambesons are not only better designed for re-enactors they are also far better value.

Other historical names for arming jackets are: gambeson, jupon, aketon, arming doublet, gambaison, acton, arming coat, cotte, auqueton, hacketon, zuparello, haqueton, pannzar, vapntreiyu, wambais, wambesium, wambuis or wambs.

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