Black Gambeson/Aketon - Jacket

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Padded gambeson or aketon for use in armoured combat. Wear it on its own or under as the perfect garment with your minimum protection or chainmail and plate. This gambeson is worn like a jacket and buckles neatly at the front - ensuring it can be removed quickly when you have finished sparring. It is well suited for LARP or under plate/mail.

This cotton gambeson provides protection and flexibility - it has slits under each armpit to aid with arm movement when swinging a sword or axe.
The cotton material may have some slight imperfections in the weave and dye.

Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 52cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 81cm
Chest: 113cm (maximum)

Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 53cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 85cm
Chest: 115cm (maximum)

Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 53.5cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 87cm
Chest: 118cm (maximum)

X Large
Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 54cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 89cm
Chest: 124cm (maximum)

XX Large
Sleeves (armpit to cuff): 55cm
Shoulder to thigh length: 93cm
Chest: 138cm (maximum)

Don't be misguided by claims that heavier gambesons are better. Sure, more padding can equal more protection but more weight doesn't equal more padding. It can simply mean it is larger or longer or more cumbersome. An ideal combat gambeson is a balance between softening a blow and your movement. A gambeson that is overweight can impede your skill and prowess on the battlefield. When in doubt trust only MFC products or contact us for the full story. Our gambesons are not only better designed for re-enactors they are also far better value.

Other historical names for arming jackets are: gambeson, jupon, aketon, arming doublet, gambaison, acton, arming coat, cotte, auqueton, hacketon, zuparello, haqueton, pannzar, vapntreiyu, wambais, wambesium, wambuis or wambs.

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