Wedge Rivet Mail Haubergeon X-LARGE

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Made from forge blackened flat rings. This wedge riveted shirt is 100% battle ready and highly durable.

This suit has had every second link riveted and every other is solid so it is extremely durable. Each link has a flat cross-section and each rivet is a traditional wedge rivet. The suit is linked in a 1-4 pattern see large pic for details.

Haubergeon means 'little hauberk'.

Size: upper thigh/groin length
Links: 9mm round ring - flat rivets
Length: 800mm (31.5 inches)
Sleeve: 300mm (underarm) (12 inches)
Girth: 1230mm (48.4 inches)

Weight: 7.3kg approx

Please remember mail does not stretch like material so you will need at least 10cm larger than your chest.

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Combat Readiness score: 10 of 10

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