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Mail Haubergeon longsleeve - Blackened round riveted rings 47"

Mail Haubergeon longsleeve - Blackened round riveted

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Perfect for women and/or slight frames.

Made from forge blackened rings. This shirt is 100% Battle ready and highly durable. This suit of mail is linked in a 1-4 pattern see large pic for details.

Haubergeon means 'little hauberk'.

Size: upper thigh length
Links: 9mm round ring - round rivets
Length- 890mm (35 inches)
Sleeve-495mm (underarm) (19.5 inches)
Girth up to 102mm (40 inches)
Weight: approx 9kg

Please remember mail does not stretch like material so you will need at least 10cm larger than your chest.

Other garments made from mail include:

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Haubergeon - means 'little hauberk' & is a waist to thigh length mail shirt
Hauberk - thigh to knee length mail shirt
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Coif - mail hood
Mitons - mail mittens
Aventail - mail collar hanging from a helmet
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Combat Readiness score: 10 of 10

Hard as nails This is truly an amazing piece - it is definitely hard-wearing, and suitable for all of your raiding and crusading needs. Mine had a ring missing from the chest area but this is easily fixed. Sleeve length is great too.
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