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Mail Aventail - Blackened flat riveted rings

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An aventail or camail is a flexible curtain of chainmail on a helmet, that extends to cover the neck and shoulders. The mail could be attached to the helm by threading a leather cord through brass rings at the edge of the helm. Aventails were most commonly seen on bascinets in the 14th century and served as a replacement for a chainmail coif. Some aventails were decorated with edging in brass or bronze links, or dagged edges. By the late 15th century, the Aventail had replaced the chainmail coif completely. Only those who were poor or who were collectors of the sort had a chainmail coif. Aventails were typically attached to the helmet via small brass rings known as vervelles.

The use of mail was prominent throughout the High Middle Ages - it reached its apex in the 13th century , when full body suits of mail armour were developed.

This aventail is forge blackened and has had every link riveted so it is extremely durable. Each link has a flat cross-section and round rivet.

Links: 9mm flat ring riveted
Weight: 3.2kg

Internal diameter (neck): 360mm
Length from internal diameter to external diameter along shoulder: 300mm

Other garments made from mail include:

Byrnie - waist length mail shirt
Haubergeon - means 'little hauberk' & is a waist to thigh length mail shirt
Hauberk - thigh to knee length mail shirt
Chausses - mail leggings
Coif - mail hood
Mitons - mail mittens
Aventail - mail collar hanging from a helmet
Standard - mail collar strapped around the neck

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Combat Readiness score: 10 of 10

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