Battle helm - Globular Bascinet

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The great bascinet developed from the bascinet, a shorter, egg-shaped helmet, with the earlier mail protection for the throat and neck replaced with plates; the throat now being protected by an additional plate, while the back of the helmet's skull was extended to cover the neck. The face would have been protected by a detachable, rounded visor pierced with numerous holes for sight and ventilation.

Combat ready handmade helmet comes with quilted padded webbing and leather chin strap already fitted. This is a very well designed and constructed piece. Unlike many other 'off the shelf' helmets available this one was actually designed for combat and is not just a thicker version of inferior collector helmets.


  • A grill over the eye slot
  • A rounded face plate
  • Numerous breather holes
  • Visor can open and be removed using the slide pins.
  • Spring loaded locking clip to hold the visor down.
  • Vervelles and leather strap for aventail.
  • Adjustable Padded webbing, authentically stitched to the helmet.
  • Chin strap.

Internal Circumference
: 660mm (26")
Height: 280mm (11")
Weight: 3.145kg

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

Snug fit on my head, I have a smaller head but the padding allows it to fit well even without extra padding, the chinstrap is a nice little bonus, coming from the back of the helmet to strap around your neck, allowing you to communicate and move more freely without it moving around your head, the view from inside is surprisingly great, I am used to fighting with an open faced helmet and this hardly limits your vision. I received mine with a different lock system than pictured, with a pin lock and strap to hold it down and a spring lock (like the one in the pictures) for holding the faceplate up at a 90 degree angle from the face, which functions beautifully and without error.
Stunning helm with no flaws that I can think of
This helm is GREAT. I have an odd shaped head and it fits really well with a thick arming cap. Chin strap style is cool, going over the top of the chin from a rear strapping point, i feel like this means less movement with my helm. Really sturdy and comfortable and the visibility is SO GOOD. You wont get much better visibility without an open faced helm.

I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a combat helm! thanks MFC
Needs some work I purchased this helm a while ago with the intention of using it for SCA heavy combat. However, the liner is pretty thin, and due to the size of the helmet, you might have a hard time fitting additional padding in unless you have a small head. The chinstrap is also positioned in such a way that it wraps around the wearer's neck (choking), instead of going under the chin, or jaw. I also found that the visor touched the bridge of my nose sometimes.

However, the helmet is sturdy, and it looks very good. I would recommend only buying it if you were confident that you could make the appropriate modifications (for SCA combat), but otheriwse, I think that it is really only suitable as a costume/display piece.
Awesome Helm I have combat tested this helm and found it very tough and comfortable. Well balanced and once chain is installed the chin strap is not required. The visor is good to breathe in and I rate it the best helm I have bought so far. AAA+++
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