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Norman style full face helm with SCA face grill

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This Norman nasal is an anachronistic stylised helmet. The nasal feature is in 1.2mm thick brass.

This 16 gauge helm features a protective grill and is adorned with a long white horse hair plume. The nasal piece extends upward and and in front of the crest of the helmet.

Inside the helm has an adjustable suspension webbing and a durable chinstrap. This heavy duty helm offers great protection on the battle field and is a true combat ready replica.

External Circumference: 710mm
Internal Circumference: 670mm
Depth of dome: 155cm
Height: 330mm
Gauge (Thickness): 1.59mm (16ga)
Weight: 3kg approx

Combat score: 8 of 10

Note: Exterior of shells have been welded, We recommend including and additional joining or spangen strap over the ridge or an internal bead of weld.

Picked this up at Supanova 2016, it stood out from all the other gear at the convention. Quite large and impressive in person, I got a few compliments wearing this.

Great build quality, the face grill allows you to breathe while providing solid protection. Some helmets feel quite claustrophobic but this feels great to wear. Wear a hood or beanie to get a better fit, the inner lining and chin strap is comfortable and sturdy. Helmet was lightly oiled when I bought it, medieval fightclub know how to look after their gear.

Haven't tested this in battle but I'm confident it could take a beating. The horse hair plume might get in the way so that is something to consider if you want this for battle.

Thanks guys, hopefully see you around at future conventions!
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