Crusader Great Helmet - Darkened with brass cross

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The helm, which began to be seen on the battlefield as early as the 13th century on its earliest forms proved to be a winning design to be used almost for the next three centuries. A simple to manufacture piece whose time tested use proves it was useful even for cavalry protection. Worn commonly over a chain mail coif or skull cap, the Great Helm was usually built with 4 pieces riveted along the seams and with flat top. It has a fierce-looking fixed visor that enhanced the already intimidating look of a charging knight.

This helmet is a representation of the look of a great helm found in earlier Crusade eras, but with a few minor changes that make it a more transitional model in the evolution of the helm. Like the great helm, it features a cylindrical design with a slightly curved top, which is reinforced by rivets across the crown. The great helm covers the head entirely with the crown and skull covering the top of the head, while the front face mask, adorned with a stylized cross, wide eyelets, and ventilated holes, covers the face.The helmet is made entirely from 18 gauge mild steel. It is wearable for reenactment purposes and for costume dressing.

Padded arming cap included with helmet.

Internal Brow Circumference: 735mm
External Brow Circumference: 750mm
Diameter Left to Right: 230mm
Diameter Front to Back: 250mm
Front Height: 340mm
Rear Height: 300 mm
Side Height: 270mm
Eye Slits: 13mm x 90mm 

Weight: 2.1kg
Gauge: 18 gauge mild steel

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