Lamellar plate/lame Brass x 200

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Value pack of 200, you will not find a better value deal for brass plates anywhere.

Lamellar armour is a kind of personal body armour consisting of small plates (lames) which are laced together in parallel rows. Lamellar armour evolved from scale armour, from which it differs by not needing a backing for the scales. Lamellar is pictured in many historical sources on Byzantine warriors, especially heavy cavalry. It is thought that it was worn to create a more deflective surface to the rider's armour, thus allowing blades to skim over, rather than strike and pierce.

Each plate is approx 18 grams

8.5 cm long x 3.5cm wide x 1mm thick
Hole diameter: 4.5mm

Set of 10 plates as used in a lamellar suit A sample of the front of a prelaced section A sample of the back of a prelaced section

In these laced sample pictures red cord has been used to show the horizontal plates joined and the black cord shows the rows being joined.

Tips on estimating requirements based on size.
You need to establish columns and rows needed, taking note that shoulders require fewer columns than the torso.
1. Estimating number of rows, measure the height in centimetres and divide by 6. (eg. 30cm / 6 = 5 rows).
2. Estimating number of columns, measure width or circumference in centimetres and divide by 2.2. (eg. 88cm / 2.2 = 40 columns).