WTC Stainless Steel & Leather Gorget/Collar

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WTC's stainless gorgets are made of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with 4-5oz suede backing, solid hammer-peined copper rivets and high quality latigo straps. Special attention is paid to properly rounding the edges of the steel plates.

These gorgets have earned a reputation for being very well made and durable. Our extensive selection of sizes ensures excellent off-the-shelf fit and while the dog collar gorget is simple in concept and design, the WTC gorget has proven itself as standing out from the pack with over 2,000 sold since 2005.

These stainless gorgets meet the minimum requirements for neck and throat protection for all SCA combat activities as well as most WMA and other groups.

XS (13 -14 inch) 34.2cm - 35.5cm neck
S (14 -15.5 inch) 35.5cm - 39.4cm neck
M (15.5 -17 inch) 39.4cm - 43.2cm neck
L (17 -19 inch) 43.2cm - 48.25cm neck
XL (19 -21inch) 48.25cm - 53.35 neck

Weight: approx: 400-500grms (depending on size)

Made by Winter Tree Crafts in the USA

Please remember the measurements provided for the gorgets are "Neck size" meaning that based on experience, that's the range of neck sizes the gorget will fit best. Its not an actual circumference measurement of the gorget.
The gorget's actual circumference will be larger than its "Neck size" please bear this in mind when ordering.

Exceptional Piece of kit. Exceptional. I would highly recommend it for HEMA.

Solid build and well made with no rough edges.

Fit perfectly over the Sword combat sports jacket, which is good as it has no padding in the gorget itself.

However given the suede edging you could stitch some in quite easily, or do what I did and put a piece of foam under the Sword combat sports jacket's collar lip.

I'd say this should be the standard neck protection across most clubs.
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