Brig 14thC thigh guards - (HMB splint armour)

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This pair of 14th Century style splint or banded thigh guards are designed for HMB or ACL combat but are historical creations so can be used by any re-enactor. They are strong and lightweight. Each plate has been shaped (dished) so it makes a continuous curve around the thigh.

Historical Sources: Armor offering brigandine protection of legs did not exist in the pure form in the XIVth century, since those who could not afford full plate protection of limbs, used a mixed protection. For example, they used brigandine protection for thighs and plate protection for shins. It can be proved by engravings seen on the tombstone efigies and drawings dating from the middle of the XIVth century.

The 14th Century is often claimed to be the transitional period from mail suits of armour to full plate.

Length Overall: 400mm (16")
Weight: 3kg approx. (pair)
Gauge: 1mm
Materials: Heavy felt, Linen, and tempered spring steel.

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10