14th Century Cheyne Arm Protection

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This arm protection is made from high quality split leather and steel plates with brass cinquefoils and brass rivets.

This arm protection features steel strips/plates on the inside of the leather.

The upper and lower arm leather is secured to the arm by two leather straps. The leather is then secured to the elbow guard with   thick leather thong. The elbow cop has one leather strap. All straps are secured with brass buckles.

Each upper arm has holes punched into the leather for securing to your harness.

The 14th Century is often claimed to be the transitional period from mail suits of armour to full plate.

These arms are made of three pieces and are similar to those depicted on the Günther von Schwarzburg´s effigy where steel bands alternate on the outside and the inside.

Length Overall: 600mm

Upper Arm Diameter:
Straps extend out to 550mm. Steel coverage of 260mm (this should cover the outside of your bicep.)

Elbow Diameter:
up to 440mm

Lower Arm Diameter:
Full coverage at 340mm, straps will go out to 420mm

Wrist to Elbow Length:
260mm (because the vanbrace is tied to the elbow, this is fully adjustable, and could easily be shortened by up to 100mm.

Elbow to top of Rerebrace Length:

2.6kg (pair)

Combat Rating: 10 out of 10

Arm protection

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